Growing interest in investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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Growing interest in investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

ETF-Y for Bitcoin

ETF is not a intrumentem derivative so it requires physical delivery of the instrument, which in this case would be BTC.  It follows that the ETF will be obliged to acquire the amount of this cryptocurrencies in line with the value of the ETF funds acquired.

ETF'ami on Bitcoin may be interested in institutional investors who will be more inclined to invest capital on a regulated market.  If this is the case, we can expect a significant increase in demand which, of course, translates into an appropriate price increase.

If the CBOE proposal is adopted in the coming month, investment options for customers will be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

I think it's worth to be interested in this topic.

A significant increase in bitcoin's interest in Canada

According to a study carried out by the Bank of Canada, the number of Canadians interested in investing in Bitcoin increased over the years from 2.9% to 5%.

85% of Canadians also know what they are cryptocurrencies.

The study was attended by 2500 residents of Canada carried out throughout the country. The results also show that around 50% of Bitcoin holders are primarily treated as investments. How easy it can be deduced the largest cryptocurrency does not primarily meet its original role only still being seen mainly as an investment.

Change of bank policy in Japan

Japanese investors due to the likely change in the profitability of long-term government bonds in the zero area and the change in the asset purchase program begin to hedge themselves against turbulence, invest in bitcoin.

This is evidenced above all by the fact that in recent days the largest amount of BTC is bought just for Jena. At present, as many as 55% of Transacacia on Bitcoin is done with them.

So what?

Personally, I would be quite optimistic about the possible increases in the near future. A very important moment will be the announcement of the official date of implementation of ETF'ów.

Reaching not far back and analyzing the value Chart of gold we can see that since the implementation of ETF'ów on this instrument its value began to grow very quickly and the value of fairly quickly increased from a level of 300 USD per ounce to over 1600 USD within Just 7 years.  I think that in case of Bitcoin'a constant growths would not last until so long, but in the end you never know.

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